A platform through its website and mobile app to allow property owners to make money from their underused private spaces by opening them up to drivers looking for parking.

The app maximizes the value of parking assets by unlocking previously inactive spaces, thanks to a variety of spaces to choose from providing real-time information, predictive analysis and vocal assistant. The Airbnb of parking that empowers the Sharing and Green economy model by increasing eco-friendly cities and smarter communities.



Enhance the quality of urban life by reducing stress and providing accessible, available and safe unused parking facilities, based on the pillars of convenience, quickness, and reliability.
Power green mobility for citizens anywhere & anytime.


Aim to be the “Airbnb of Parking”, the most preferred and recommended strategic pre-bookable off-street parking partner in Europe, based on real time parking data, operational and high tech excellence, artificial intelligent solutions, and users satisfaction.
It is a vision to think of human-environment centred approach with all together happier communities and smarter cities.

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