HR management software built specifically for administrative needs and enriched with artificial intelligence & machine learning functionalities.

Work hard to make the HR job easiest, Simpa and quickest than ever. Made for modern HR and designed by a former digitized HR to revolutionize critical features and to mitigate HR pain points. Entirely new expense tracking function on its way!



Build an easy, fast changeable all-in-one HR admin platform with the goal to lighten up and to scale the business processes, to solve the challenges and to regularly question market trends as well as needs.
Goes that extra mile to support organizations to take good care of their people, and to get the most out of the software.


Become a human leading provider of administrative disruptive solutions at global scale with application also across enterprises.
Grow into the product and customer focused excellence.
Grow a digital learning culture & mindset.
Aim to be on the frontline: Tech innovation is what keeps HR relevant.

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