Simp(l)ify your new normal work, make it more sustainable. Anywhere. Anytime.

The incoming solution for a better work-life balance with AI.

Made by Simpa. Tech startup that is merging artificial intelligent solutions with a human-centred touch.

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Productivity & well-being in your work zone

A human-tech integrated software plays key. It may be integrated into your business workflow.

Unlock AI just by how you approach & keep up your working day to:

Automate your productivity

  • Manage your task by auto-generated textual descriptions of task recurrence
  • Get recommendations on your routine based on habits & performance analysis

Check on your emotional status

  • Discover of what you feel. Start by identifying your mood
  • Detect, predict your feelings & attitude by a text analysis in your daily conversation

Real-time free advice

  • Interact with MAX, your data scientist at hand
  • Learn & take data analysis with you

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