Simpify. Business Model Canvas


  • Unproductive workforce
  • Manage innovation and agility
  • Uncompetitive advantage
  • Product-delivered approach


  • Disruptive technology, UX-pertise
  • Automation, data analysis, chat bot
  • Modular and scalable offer system
  • Market-focus approach

Unique Value Proposition

  • Make the HR job easier and smarter-revolutionize critical features for Administration and mitigate HR pain points
  • Easy, fast, artificial intelligent intuitive and Simpa.

Unfair Advantage

  • Dream team
  • Unperformed competitors
  • Expense tracker feature

Customer Segments

  • SMEs, SBEs businesses
  • HR, admin, CEO’s, business owners, users

Key Metrics

  • UX and Performance metrics measure the user experience of an app, and the overall performance
  • Engagement metrics measure and understand the action of users
  • Revenue metrics measure profitability

High-Level Concept

  • Made for HR, designed and loved by an HR


  • Website
  • Social media
  • Events, fairs, PR
  • Paids ads
  • Partnerships

Early Adopters

  • Micro, Small businesses profile proactive, innovator and influencer, “natural choice” for new tech products
  • Medium business profile less proactive and changeable, wise on products

Cost Structure

  • Software development and maintenance
  • Outsourcing
  • Personnel

Revenue Structure

  • Free trial (30 days) plus free plan (up to 5 users)
  • Revenue based on number of employees and increasing features
  • Revenue based on Gamification and Consumables
  • Revenue based on Partnerships